Cassandra's general intro to comparative syncytial cell biology

Tools we brought for use with the insects

List of insect species and strains available for you to use

Comparisons of development across insects - some general factoids comparing basic principles of embryonic development across our three insect models.

Analysis of imaging data
Amat, F., Lemon, W., Mossing, D. P., McDole, K., Wan, Y., Branson, K., et al. (2014). Fast, accurate reconstruction of cell lineages from large-scale fluorescence microscopy data. Nature Methods, 11(9), 951–958. PDF

Book chapter on developing transgenesis in non-model organisms - includes all sorts of tips about microinjections, mRNA synthesis, plasmid preparation etc.

Gryllus embryo fixation - preparing tissues for gene expression studies (antibody staining or in situ hybridization)

Gryllus injection - injection setup used to inject embryos in Extavour lab

Gryllus zookeeping - general cricket husbandry

Gryllus development - staging tables and description of early embryogenesis - PDF and PDF.

Gryllus live-imaging data - Imaging data

Tassos' intro to Tribolium

Tribolium protocols - the Beetle Book! contains info about husbandry, molecular biology, RNA interference, and embryo handling
Tribolium development I - classic SEM-based description of early embryogenesis

Tribolium development II - modern description of early embryonic development based on fluorescent live imaging

Conceptual model of Tribolium development

BeetleBase - database for genetics and genomics of Tribolium castaneum BeetleBase

iBeetle - database of RNAi phenotypes in Tribolium castaneum iBeetle


Drosophila injection protocol(s) - Injection methods for Drosophila germline transformation PDF from Sean Carroll lab.

FlyBase - The comprehensive database about everything related to Drosophila genetics FlyBase

The Interactive Fly - electronic database of Drosophila melanogaster development and developmental genetics. Includes movies, references, and concise compiled information on developmental genes. Interactive Fly

FlyMove - some good introductory movies, animations and GIFs that show how Drosophila melanogaster development proceeds. FlyMove

Flies are awesome - propaganda explaining just the tip of the iceberg that is the plethora of genetic manipulation tools that make Drosophila melanogaster the most powerful animal system for genetic manipulation OF ALL TIME