Paramecium group

Paramecium database link Lots of background information on Paramecium biology on the wikipage for this database as well!

Articles on DNA content/ nuclear development:

Macronuclear structure in Paramecium primaurelia, imaged by electron microscopy (cool images):

Link to chapter on the cell cycle in ciliates (there is a section on macronuclear DNA content):

Articles on swimming speed/ ciliary beat:

Evidence for two extremes of ciliary motor response in a single swimming microorganism.

Transitions between three swimming gaits in Paramecium escape.

Development of a multitarget tracking system for paramecia.

Paramecium genome papers:

Global trends of whole-genome duplications revealed by the ciliate Paramecium tetraurelia

Insights into Three Whole-Genome Duplications Gleaned from the Paramecium caudatum Genome Sequence

Differential retention and divergent resolution of duplicate genes following whole-genome duplication

Articles on gene duplication:

Protein Subcellular Relocalization in the Evolution of Yeast Singleton and Duplicate Genes
(Qian and Zhang, 2009)

Maintenance of duplicate genes and their functional redundancy by reduced expression
(Qian et al (Zhang), 2010)

Genomic evidence for adaptation by gene duplication
(Qian and Zhang, 2014)